3 Politically Incorrect Ways To Appreciate Your Wife

Sometimes it can be fun to go against the grain of what society says you should or shouldn’t do – or say. (I personally enjoy it.)

But when it comes to the relationship you share with your wife, being politically incorrect can also be rewarding.

That’s right.

I’ve found that being a politically incorrect husband is actually a hyper-effective way of proving your appreciation for your wife.

It also conveys the point of appreciation in a way that many other gestures fail to address in marriage.

But if you don’t do it correctly, you will get hosed.

It seems that now and days almost anything is deemed “inappropriate.”

Saying the wrong thing to the wrong person can cost you that dream job you’ve been lusting after. It could cost you long-term relationships that have taken years to build.

If you’re a public figure, you can be made a pariah in the eyes of the community, with the blink of an eye.

Bottom line: in our society, you have to be careful about what you say, how you say it, and whom you say it to.

This is especially true when it comes to communicating with your wife.

Knowing what to say, what not to say, how to say it …  at times it can feel like you’re on pins and needles.

And we all do and say things that we regret.

Maybe not publicly, like others, but everybody that you know has jammed their foot in their mouth on occasion.

It’s an unavoidable part of being human.

But I stand by my initial statement that being politically incorrect is rewarding for your marriage.

How to earn the admiration of your wife – forever.

Most people don’t like braggarts.

Others don’t like people who flaunt their success and spend obscene amounts of money on themselves.

And of course, nobody likes a motor mouth, right?

As a society we are taught not to do (or be) those things. They’re ugly and undesirable to the status quo.

But what if I were to tell you that all three of those politically incorrect “no, no’s” are all super effective attributes that will earn you the intense admiration of your wife – indefinitely?

Like I said, being politically incorrect can be insanely rewarding for you – if you do it correctly. The reward in this case is … the indefinite admiration of your wife.

And here’s how to get it:

Become a braggart. Brag about your wife to others … while she’s standing right in front of you! It’s’ one thing to tell you’re wife how much you appreciate her in private. But when you start bragging to others about how awesome your wife is, and she hears it … you’ve just stepped up your game. Just make sure you’re sincere when you do it.

Become a spendthrift. Spend money on your wife EVERY week. Forget about how much you spend – it doesn’t matter. Find little gifts you can buy for her. Be as thoughtful as you can and make that financial investment. It will pay for itself in the form of returned respect, adoration and mercy – for when you goof up down the road.

Husbands of Kaizen Power Move: On top of your weekly appreciation investment, set aside a small amount of money each month so you can buy her that big-ticket item she’s been pining over. I did this last year and I had saved up enough to surprise my with a new Burberry handbag for Christmas. She absolutely loved it!

Become a motor mouth. How many different ways can you tell your wife that you appreciate her? The possibilities are endless. Explore them. Express them. Every day make it a point to tell your wife how much she’s appreciated. The key is to get creative. You don’t want to come off like a robot. A simple “Thank you for helping me out with X” will be enough at first, but you’ll need to brainstorm different ways to express yourself.

I told you being a politically incorrect husband could be fun.

Now I have a question for you …

How big are your balls?

In the spirit of being politically incorrect, I think it’s an appropriate question.

Because if you don’t have the courage to do what I’ve outlined above, you’re leaving tons of “marital equity” on the table.

I promise you, if you do these things, she will admire you – forever.

So do you have what it takes to brag about how great your wife is in front of others?

Do you have the desire to be a “big spender” on your wife?

And what about having the courage, each and every day, to find creative ways to tell her how much you appreciate her?

I’m sure you have the balls big enough – but never mind me.

It’s your wife that you need to prove it to.

From one fellow husband to another,

Meetch Martinez

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