A Bloody Joust Between Your Genitalia and Genius

The late legendary comedian, Robin Williams, said it best …

“God has given men both a penis and a brain, but only enough blood for one to run at a time.”

In other words, when one is working, the other isn’t.

Science tells us that the brain dictates to the heart where and how much blood to pump to different areas of the body.

But I like how Robin Williams explained it better …

Almost as if it’s a joust between your genitalia and your Inner Genius — and to some degree, it really is.

Penis And The Brain: Blood Pumped On First Come, First Serve Basis

Of course Williams wasn’t trying to be scientific about how the brain and the penis relate to each other.

He was just making a very solid point; one worth any man’s consideration …

Usually when it comes to how men think, they are typically using one organ or the other … and the amount of blood supplied to either organ is distributed on a first come, first serve basis.

And while there is no question that men (single and eager to mingle) are at times afflicted with bouts of stupidity when letting their “little head” do their thinking for them — as if all blood flow had been shut off to their brain — how relevant is this dynamic for married men?

Simply put, how do we let our sex lives (and by extension, our penises — pun intended) interfere with the quality of our relationship and overall marriage? And how often do we allow our thinking (our brains) determine the quality of our sex lives?

In a normal functioning body, blood should always be flowing to both at the same time (perhaps not to the same degree).

But in our emotional worlds, in our psyche, and behaviorally, within the context of our marriage, Williams wasn’t far off the mark.

Let’s consider fellow husband J.R. for a moment …

He’s got a stronger libido than his wife does. He expects to have sex quite often because he’s relying on it to relieve the stress from his demanding job. His wife is less reluctant to have sex, but not because she doesn’t love J.R. or isn’t attracted to him. Quite the contrary, she loves him deeply and wants to be intimate with him, except for the fact that she secretly suffers from severe self-esteem issues.

She also doesn’t like the fact that J.R. is overly sexed because of his work and not because he desires to be with her under more holistic and healthier circumstances.

If J.R. continues to push the issue of sex, when sex isn’t the issue at all, it would seem as if his penis is winning the Bloody Joust against his brain, wouldn’t it?

If, on the other hand, he would step back for a moment to stop and think about the reason why his wife isn’t so receptive to him — perhaps he’d get to the root cause of why his wife is so physically distant. And more importantly, take the proper steps to understanding how he can better support her in dealing with her self-esteem issues.

(This is a much better “Closing Strategy” for married men who want a better sex life BTW — it’s called genuine empathy and it will get you laid more than any cheap Pick Up tricks or “How To” manipulation schemes you’ll read about in Maxim.)

So J.R. has a choice to make. He either uses his genius or his genitals when handling this situation.

Giving Props To The Late Robin Williams For His Insight

Robin Williams stumbled upon a genius insight, in his own right that I think resonates with married men …

Sometimes it does seem as though there’s a jousting match going on between our brains and our penises, where the winner gets the Lion’s Share of our lifeblood.

But when it’s all said and done, we ultimately choose where our blood is going — we determine how we’re going to behave, think, respond, and speak.

Regardless of whether we’re using our genius or our genitals to do so.

From one husband to another,

Meetch Martinez

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