Eroticitis Of The Brain: Hard To Detect, Even Harder To Escape, Part 1

Sex sells …

It always has and it always will.

And guess what? We all buy it (men and women, single and married).

We are all obsessed and compelled by it, ushering it into our being, through the subconscious.

To think you’re an exception is like living in Los Angeles and claiming that your body is Smog Proof.

It just ain’t so.

I call this obsession, this compulsion for sex … Eroticitis of the Brain — and us men have a tendency to suffer from it more than our counterparts.

What’s so surprising is that this epidemic of sexual excitation is praised in contemporary culture.

It’s become normal, which makes us numb to its adverse effects, in our functioning role as married men.

But it isn’t always obvious to us, although its effect to our psyche, and consequently our role in marriage, is quite prominent.

Scaling the Inner Walls of your subconscious mind.

If you look at an image over and over for 10 minutes a day during the course of a year, at some point that image will be ingrained in your subconscious, right?

A time will come where you no longer have to look at the image in order for you to picture it in vivid detail.

It will be stored away and attached to the Inner Walls of your subconscious, just waiting for an opportunity for you to let it express itself in an outward physical way.

That’s one of the ways that your subconscious mind works.

And that’s exactly how Eroticitis of the Brain nourishes its own self-serving cause — one that is glamorized by cultural icons, non-relevant and highly sexualized ad campaigns, pornography, and the big promise that more sex equals happiness, excitement, and instant gratification. (The main reason it sells so well in the first place.)
We are bombarded with images of sex every day — some covert, and others downright explicit.

Almost everything somehow is “sexy,” even if it has nothing to do with sex.

Cars, clothes, hairstyles … almost everything is sexualized in contemporary culture.

“Oh, that shirt is so ‘sexy’” …

“I think that Aston Martin just gave me a hard on” (quoting myself here) …

“She’s got one ‘sexy’ voice on her …”

Through conditioning, the term “sexy” is clearly overused in non-relevant contexts, yet is accepted as Old Hat in our own vernacular.

We live in a culture where pre-pubescent girls are sexualized as artists and Youtube sensations.

Some chick can post a video of herself twerking (violently shaking her ass in her bedroom — probably right next door to her parent’s room) and it will get a couple of million views, easy.

And it doesn’t even matter how big or small her “trunk” is …

Because millions of people will recline their Lazy Boys, pop some popcorn and make sure to have their Big Gulps filled to the brim … all so they can see some ass.

This is Eroticitis of the Brain at its finest …

image002Yes. This is the world we live in — one full of images that affect our sexual excitations and amplifies our perceived need to be Sex Kings with huge cocks and balls the size of watermelons.

And if you’re asking yourself “What’s the big deal?” … That’s a clear indication of how severe your Eroticitis of the Brain really is.

Freeing yourself of glamorized, force fed Sexcapades.

Most of us walk around accepting the images and stories that we are fed — giving no second thought to what’s entering our minds.

To add insult to injury, you can bet your last penny that there will always be a group of people, eager to condemn both the buyers and
sellers of sex. (These are usually the ones in their Heavenly Chariots, amply armed with Bibles and Halos — not to mention the self-righteous political groups with an agenda that includes forcing you to see the world as they see it.)

That puts men between the proverbial rock and hard place …

We’re force fed story lines that fire up our Sex Engines, only to be clubbed over the head by societies’ Sex Police.

Yes. Sex sells. And we all buy it. We are all consumed by it — each and every passing day.

So what is a married man to do? How can he free himself of his own Eroticitis of the Brain in today’s sex obsessed society? How can he free himself of his own obsessions and compulsions enabled by the forces of the Commercial Sexual Deviants?

Find out in the next issue of Husbands of Kaizen.

From one husband to another,

Meetch Martinez

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