“If I Had $1,000 Every Time I Remembered To Do This In Marriage, I’d Be Broke”

Imagine making a deal with your wife during your marriage ceremony.

It goes something like this:

“Honey, I love you so much and want to be with you forever. To prove that to you, I’m going to make a solemn vow. I’m going to take this one simple action, every day without fail, for the rest of our lives together: I’m going to tell you how grateful I am for you.”

You go on about love and commitment and your future together.

At one point you are so confident in your ability to love, to serve, to be the husband you are promising to be – and you follow your loving words with this marital term …

“To prove to you that my words aren’t empty words and to show you that I’m willing to back up my words with deeds – I want you to know, beforehand, that if I neglect to tell you how grateful I am for you on any given day … you must divorce me.”

I know, it sounds a bit drastic, doesn’t it?

But just for a moment, let’s imagine that was the deal you made when you married your wife.

Now let me ask you – and be honest with yourself – would you still be married?

If you made that deal on your wedding day, would you still be married to your wife?

Before you answer, know this, there probably isn’t a man on planet earth that would. So don’t feel bad or that this is a personal judgment against you.

It isn’t.

I certainly wouldn’t be married. Nope. I’d be divorced. 

In fact, within the first five years of my marriage, if somebody offered to pay me $1,000 for every time I told my wife how grateful I was for her, I’d be broke!

Now nobody was offering me $1,000 dollars to do something I should have been doing anyway, but let’s get real here …

Speak gratitude, show gratitude.

It’s easy right?

Then why is it so often forgotten and neglected?

Why is it so hard to make sure we’re constantly showing and verbally communicating our gratefulness to our wives?

Here’s why: because it’s one of those “easy to do” things that are just as easy to neglect.

It’s another one of those “small things” that won’t ruin your marriage overnight. But if you continue to repeat those errors in judgment, you’re guaranteed to fail.

This stuff is simple. It’s not complex.

You don’t need hours of counseling or fancy hypnosis to deal with your deficiencies as a husband – or a person for that matter.

In fact, if husbands and wives put this simple knowledge to use on a consistent basis, it would put every marriage counselor, coach and the balance of the relationship industry out of business.

Remember, in order to protect your relationship with your spouse, you have to sweat the small stuff.

Because marriages don’t succeed or fail overnight.

That’s not how it works.

Marriages fail because they atrophy over the course of time. And they atrophy because those seemingly small things – those “easy to do” things don’t get done.

Do the simple things and you’re sure to build a hedge of protection around your relationship.

Remember to be grateful for your wife. For your relationship. For your friendship with her.

Do it every day. With words and with actions.

From one husband to another,

Meetch Martinez

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