Overdosing On Sex

About 2,000 years ago, the classic text on Chinese medicine called Su Nu Jing outlined the certain amount of ejaculations a man should have according to his age and health.

Just in case you’re wondering, here’s what it says:


Good health

Average Health



2x Day

1X Day

Every 4 days


1x Day

Every other day

Every 8 days


Every 3 days

Every 4 days

Every 16 days


Every 5 days

Every 10 days

Every 21 days


Every 10 days

Every 20 days

Every 30 days

I never knew there was a guideline for that sort of thing – I just figured, “The more the better.”

But that’s not the case.

In fact, too much sex could be a bad thing (this includes masturbation). Yes. Overdoing it can actually become a detriment.

The nature of the beast – a man’s sex drive.

Men’s sexuality is a beast. It takes a great deal of concentrated effort to focus his sexuality and make it work within the context of a marriage.

Hopefully your wife appreciates the amount of work it takes for you to keep that beast penned it without going stir-crazy.

It’s not true that every man has more sex drive than every woman, of course. There are millions of highly sexed women in this world.  But men do seem to have gotten the lion’s share.

Nearly twice as many of us masturbate, and we do it more frequently. We think about sex more than our counterparts.

How much is too much?

“What’s too much sex in a relationship is what either member of the couple feels is not comfortable for them," says Robert Weiss, author and therapist for intimacy and sexual disorders.

In other words, it’s all about what you and your wife feel comfortable with.

There is no quantitative scale to compare yourself against, but there are some indicators that can help a person decide if they may be overdoing it.

Things like soreness or the occasional Sex Injury. Some claim that excessive sex and ejaculation can lead to erectile dysfunction.

Psychologically speaking, you might be struggling a loss of control over your urges and find yourself obsessing over sex.

If you’re starting to realize any of these symptoms, you could be placing the sexual desires too high up on a pedestal.

All things in moderation.

If your relationship does not mirror the general imbalance out there, you are one lucky husband. The discrepancy between sex drives mars millions of marriages.

It eats away at long-term relationships, robs us of feelings of attractiveness and leads us to assume all the “fizz” has gone out of a bond.

Just remember, too much of anything can become harmful. This includes sex. The healthiest amount of sex for you is the amount that both you and your wife agree on. And feel comfortable with.

When it comes to sex with your wife, you shouldn’t be forced into celibacy, and you sure as hell shouldn’t be on the verge of overdosing.

From one husband to another,

Meetch Martinez

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