Brass Tacks Marriage Tools For Husbands ‘in the trenches’


Clueless … that would be the word I’d use to describe how I felt for the first half of my marriage. For nearly five years I was playing a guessing game with odds that were heavily stacked against me.

Like most husbands, I had no real working marriage tools at my disposal. No trusted resources that I could quickly turn to for support and guidance, in my role as a husband.

I had no choice. I had to create them myself.

Below are the resources I used to transform my marriage and myself. They’re here for you to do the same.


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Confessions of A Clueless Husband

Seven Spectacular Blunders Of A Married Man

Do you make any of these common mistakes in your marriage? I made all of them.

And it’s highly likely that you’re making at least one.

Written for both newbie and veteran husbands, who will appreciate a “mano a mano” perspective of how they can make a greater contribution to their marriage – by avoiding these typical blunders.

It’s a true account of how I went from an “all thumbs” type of husband, to an absolute ace (still very subject to making stupid mistakes, of course) – and how this profound lesson in personal responsibility could make the difference between an exceptional marriage and an intolerable one.