Scientifically Proven Research For Your Next Beer Run

For most men, drinking beer is fun and enjoyable (myself included).

For others it’s a serious addiction. And for some other men, sharing a well-poured pint isn’t congruent with their core values and is to be avoided at all costs.

Note: If you struggle (or have struggled) with alcoholism, please disregard this article altogether.

I’m not one to judge or to push my values down anybody else’s throat. Everybody should do what they believe is best for themselves and for their loved ones.

But regardless of what your view on drinking tends to be, I’m going to hand out a very good reason for non-beer drinkers to give it a try … and for the regular “pub patrons” to cut back to an “optimal” amount.

Yes, there is a perfect amount of beer that you can drink … every day — and doing so could very well save your life.

I’m about to tell you all about it.

And if you share this fact, intelligently, with your wife, you just might find her making your next beer run for you … or strategically buying you a nice cold Pilsner on tap the next time you head out for a night on the town.

A Beer A Day Keeps Heart Disease Away

It’s not like us men need a reason to down a brewsky or two, is it?

But in the event that your wife demands one from you, threatening to become a Sex Camel or vowing to slap you with her Resentment Stick at some seemingly random point in the future, I’ve got you covered.

According to Arthur Klatsky MD “Alcohol raises levels of ‘good’ HDL cholesterol.”

And it just so happens that the higher your HDL cholesterol is, the more protected you are against heart disease.

In other words, when you drink beer you increase your defense against the risk of heart disease.

Also, researchers analyzed 16 studies involving more than 200,000 participants, finding that moderate beer drinkers (those who drank about a pint a day) had a reduced risk of heart disease by 31 percent on average.

These findings were published in the European Journal of Epidemiology.

I think those are perfectly fine reasons to drink beer … again, if you need a reason.

But if you don’t think that’s enough information to get your wife to head out on your next beer run for you, check this out …

Israeli researchers found that people who drank one beer daily had lower levels of fibrinogen, a protein that helps promote blood clotting, than those who abstained from drinking.

And if you didn’t already know, blood clots can cause both heart attack and stroke.

Here’s how I would use this scientific research to get my (responsible) drink on …

“Honey, you don’t want me to die of a heart attack do you? … Then buy me a beer!”

Actually, my wife is pretty fine with my beer consumption. As long as I’m responsible about it (which is how it should be.)

Other studies have highlighted numerous benefits of moderate beer consumption ranging from stronger bones, less risk of developing kidney stones, and its brain boosting power.

Who would have thought?

These are all great reasons to toast to your health … one beer at a time.

Quick Note On Moderation

Yes. One beer a day will help protect your heart from disease. Any more than that and the intake becomes a detriment to your overall health.

So you have to factor in weekends and parties and social gatherings. The idea is to drink one to two beers max, whenever you decide to drink, not say “OK. I’m going to have one beer a day exactly (no more and no less) to prevent from heart disease.”

That’s only practical in an excel spreadsheet — not in real life.

The general rule of thumb for moderate alcohol consumption is actually one glass for women and two glasses for men on any given day.

So if you’re smart and responsible about getting your drink on, in a way that will legitimately promote your own health, I’m sure your wife won’t have any qualms about taking on your next beer run for you.

From one moderate beer
drinking husband to another,

Meetch Martinez

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