To Married Men With Their Testicles in a Twist

When it comes to the art of bitching and moaning, this guy that you’re going to learn about is a master.

Let’s call him Bob.

Bob hates his job (“they” don’t pay him enough). His house is too small. The car he drives is as old as his ungrateful teenage son and his wife doesn’t give him enough sex.

He’s a slave to his past – one that’s littered with lost opportunity. And to cope with his enslavement, Bob finds it much easier to blame others for his shortcomings.

He blames the Government. His employer. His wife. The economy. And let’s not forget the neighbor who loves to “flaunt” his success in Bob’s face every day.

Yes, Bob is a maestro of placing blame, but “all thumbs” when it comes to taking responsibility.

Bob despises others who are successful, secretly wishing they’d come into hard times so he’d feel better about himself.

“If only …” and “One day, I’ll …” are his two favorite phrases.

Whenever a well-intentioned person attempts to hold a meaningful, positive conversation, Bob launches into a dissertation about how horrible things are.

If you haven’t figured out by now, Bob is certainly a “glass half empty” type of guy. (No wonder his wife doesn’t like having sex with him.)

Not to mention the grass is always greener for Bob.

But sadly, he’ll never see green pastures. That’s because …

Bob’s testicles are always in a twist!

O.K. Now I can’t imagine that if you’re actually reading this, you resemble anything like Bob. Sure, we all have are weaknesses and faults. But guys like Bob are truly in a league of his own.

That being said, I used to be very similar to Bob. A miserable, griping, pathetic example of a man. Everything was wrong in my life.

But in reality, the only thing that was wrong was me.

More specifically, my mindset.

“What does this have to do with my marriage,” you ask?

Great question.

Here’s my answer … Everything! It has everything to do with your marriage!

Listen up fellow husband: Protecting your mind means protecting your marriage.

First, you can’t be bitter and resentful toward the world and expect those negatively charged emotions NOT to infiltrate your marriage.

That’s not how it works.

There are a host of circumstances just waiting to ambush your relationship with your wife. And you’re either awake or asleep at the wheel.

YOU decide.

Second, if you hold resentment specifically toward your wife, you better do what you must to exterminate it now.

Because those negatively charged emotions are like a malignant cancer. It starts with one cell and quickly spreads throughout the body. At a certain point, it overcomes you.

Husbands, stand guard at the gate of your mind!

And remember, just because Bob’s testicles are always in a twist doesn’t mean yours have to be.

So do yourself, your wife and your marriage a huge favor … DON’T BE BOB.

In fact, don’t even talk to Bob. If you see him in a bar, or at work, or waiting with you at the teller line in your bank, RUN FROM HIM like you would the plague.

Because Bob will destroy your marriage, your life and any and all of your dreams and aspirations.

I just wish somebody would’ve taught me this ten years ago …

From one husband to another,

Meetch Martinez

PS Husbands of Kaizen Power Move: If you want to make 100% sure that you’ve banished “Bob” from your life, here’s what you do: Go grab a pen and paper (No excuses. Do it now.) Make a list of all of the people, circumstances and failures in your life that you resent and are bitter toward.

Think hard and be thorough. Don’t rush through this. Once you’ve written out your full list, grab a lighter, or a book of matches, or ashes from a good quality cigar and BURN THAT LIST!

Be sure to let me know how it goes …

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