Why Your Ego Sneaks A Peek Every Time “Wifey” Takes A Shower

Your ego can be a pervert.

Yes, a sneaky, manipulative perv just dying to watch your wife naked every time she hops in the shower.

He wants so bad for you to turn your eye, or neglect your protective role, just for a moment so he can get what he wants.

And every time your ego outwits you, or imposes its will over you, that’s exactly what happens …

Ego gets a free peep show … and sometimes even more.

He might act like he’s defending you at times; like he’s your friend who will defend you when you and your wife are bickering, but in reality he’s just stirring the pot even more, hoping that you say or do something stupid.

And when that happens, his strategy is working perfectly.

He manipulates you into delusional thinking. Convincing you that you’re not adequate as a husband. He causes unnecessary drama and conflict between you and your wife.

Indeed, a saboteur of the highest order.

He knows that over the years, he has fooled you into believing lies about yourself.

He will tell you whatever he needs to tell you in order to pit you against your wife.

Things like …

“Are you going to let her talk to you like that” and “She doesn’t appreciate you for who you are” and “Why can’t she just listen to you what you are saying.”

Your ego violently stirs the pot, hoping that it’s just enough to distort your thinking; playing to your own personal fears and insecurities (because it knows them best).

And if you’re too weak to stand up to him, or not aware enough to know his agenda, you’re just letting your ego drive a wedge between your wife and the relationship you both share.

All so he has the perfect chance to watch your wife naked in the shower; he wants her all to himself and wants you clear out of the picture.

Anger and courage working together.

It takes both anger and courage (on your part) to effectively deal with your ego, to keep it in check.

First you have to get angry when it tries to manipulate you into thinking anything other than what is true of your, your self.

You can’t allow it to trick and deceive you in ways that are destructive to both you personally and to your relationship.

Whenever it plants a bug in your ear, you have to discern your ego from your true self … and then get angry.

Remember that your ego is trying to make a move on your wife …

Once you get pissed off enough to do something about it, that’s when you let your courage take over.

That’s when you … kick its ass!

Your ego can be a bully and sometimes it needs to be put in its place. You need both healthy anger and courage to stand up to it.

Letting your ego control you means you are too weak to make your own decisions, to control your own destiny.

The façade that’s created by your ego attempts to prevent you from achieving better things in life.

He’ll do whatever is necessary to control you and alter your character.

In the past, I’d let my ego get away with sneaking a peek at my wife in the shower. I wasn’t strong enough to tell him to go screw himself.

I didn’t have the courage to put up a fight. Today, I do.

We still have our battles, sure. But at least I have the courage to fight.

If the thought of someone else watching your wife take a shower doesn’t enrage you, enough to tap into your Inner Brave heart, you will always be a slave to your ego.

On the other hand, if it gets your blood boiling, then you use that the next time you catch your ego planting those little lies in your head; the ones that convince you that you are something you’re not or that your wife is not on your side.

That’s your ego talking … and he wants to watch your wife naked in the shower.

And the only reason he’ll get what he wants is because you let him.

From one husband to another,

Meetch Martinez,

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